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Wills & Probate of Estates

Most people know that there are very good reasons why everybody should have a Will. But some people think that their families will be spared from the problems and headaches of your passing away without a Will if they do their own Will from a kit they pick up at a stationery store. Sadly, these “Wills” often cause more problems than they solve. We will draft a Will for the needs of you and your family at very reasonable cost.

Probate is the process by which the affairs (or “estates”) of deceased persons are legally settled. Most of the time probate goes smoothly if all of the required steps are taken and the right forms are filed within the time limits set by law. Sometimes, however, differences can arise among the people involved as executors or heirs. Our firm has extensive experience in handling all kinds of probate matters.

For more information on Wills or probate matters please contact Geoff Muttart.

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